“Our clients tell us that one of the best things about working with us is that we are able to adapt to the business needs and information flow of the companies we work for, meaning we can offer value and services at any point in the engineering process”.

MARO RODNEY HOLDINGS 2017 was founded in 2017 as a Black Economic Empowered Mechanical, Civil and Construction Engineering Firm. The executive team is led by Historically Disadvantaged South African Individuals (HDI’s) whose wealth of experience in the Engineering and Related fields in diverse industry and mining sectors. This experience covers the design, implementation and project management of projects in General Machine shop and Fabrication Engineering to also include Gearboxes Repairs, Armature Winding, Compressors Repairs and Air Conditioning Refurbishments.

We are also in the Construction of Roads, General Building, Water Reticulation and Houses Electrification. We also do hiring of Earth Moving Plant.

MARO RODNEY HOLDINGS 2017 has the necessary resources, capacity and experience to meet current and future customer requirements.